Precision Optics

Take a moment to look at our capabilities.

HEAVY-DUTY Generators
with specially designed diamond wheels
accomplish the preliminary shaping in a minimal amount of time.
They are used to:
* Drill
* Generate Curves
* Grind Flats
* Edge diameters
* Bevel and chamfer safety corners

 HIGH TOLERANCE Testing, which goes beyond the 
 capabilities of an electronic spherometer, is accomplished by
 using test plates, Rhonchi testing, and auto-collimating.
 Our ZYGO Interferometer provides the highest level of 
 accuracy testing, with computerized data read-outs.

MASTER TEST PLATES are made for every curve to insure that elements in production are precisely the same as the original. Test plates are also available, flat or curved to your specifications. 

A WIDE VARIETY OF COATINGS, both reflective and anti-reflective are available, using our in-house high vacuum-coating facilities. Optical elements can be coated with any of the following materials:
Magnesium Fluoride
Silicon Monoxide

Comple multi-layer coatings are also available upon request. 

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