Precision Optics

The Cumberland Approach

  The Team at J.R. CUMBERLAND converts optical problems into cost-effective solutions.

At CUMBERLAND, we depend as much on the talents and training of our people as on our facilities. With their years of optical experience, our craftsmen remain dedicated to this day to keeping abreast of the state of their art. Just as important, they work together to precisely pinpoint customers' needs and requirements.
They are the toughest judges of their own work.
That, in itself, may go a long way to explaining the CUMBERLAND difference in precision optics.

Unlike most optical manufacturers, our specialists custom fabricate unique optics by keeping in close contact with our customers throughout the manufacturing process. With this procedure, we find that nearly every project is different. And in every case, CUMBERLAND craftsmen bring to your work the added expertise that can make an "impossible" solution work. We can assure you that there is rarely a project too difficult for CUMBERLAND to accomplish successfully.

"The Cumberland Approach" maximizes the benefits of our mutual expertise
consistent with your requirement for a more cost-effective result.

You get a higher performance optical element than you pay for. That is because Cumberland maintains state-of-the-art optical facilities, making it easier to exceed specified performance at a lower price on any optical element.

Let Cumberland Quality go to work for you.
We welcome the opportunity to quote on your optical needs,
whether they are large or small scale components in prototype or production quantities. 

Some of our respected Clients

NASA                                 Questar Corporation
Naval Research Laboratory                 TEXTRON
FOSS                               Smithsonian Institute
DuPont                               Dynasil Corporation
Jet Propulsion Laboratories        Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman               Perpetual Systems
Max Levy Autograph             Davro Instruments
Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

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